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  • Painting developed from performance of Dying for my Art (2012)
    Acrylic and cigarettes on canvas. 50cm x 50cm.
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Dying for my Art

Throughout the course of an afternoon in central Manchester, Tim offered free cigarettes to anyone passing by who wanted one. An exploration of public engagement, Dying for my Art asks the public to do just that while Tim's art reaps the benefits.

With thanks to all those who partook.

"One may be tempted to subtract tobacco from economy, from the circulation of labor and production, income and surplus-value, from accumulation of capital, from money in the form of currency or non-currency. From all of that one may be tempted to subtract, purely and simply tobacco—or rather the act of smoking and inhaling, the experience, the enjoyment and the expenditure of that which, one could say goes up in smoke."
Jacques Derrida

‘Hazard 2012’, St Anne's Square, Manchester. July 2012

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