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  • Painting from performance of Bubbles In Infinity (2007)
    Triptych. Acrylic on canvas. 22cm x 63cm (each).
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Bubbles in Infinity

Travelling at the speed of light it would take 4 years and 73 days to reach the closest star beyond our own sun. It would take a further 25,000 years travelling at such velocity to reach the nearest galaxy outside the Milky Way. The observable universe is between 46 billion and 78 billion light years across. How big the universe is beyond this, we don't know. But if the universe has an edge, what lies on the other side?

‘… a magical and practical treatise on the theory of parallel universes.’
BBC Online

'...a performance of such expansive and painstaking beauty it was hard not to come over all unnecessary...'
Chris Goode

Fresh Festival, South Street Arts Centre, Reading. June '07.
Perspectives: Shifting Ground, Chisenhale Dance Space, London. Sept '06.

Music by Dopekick
Dedicated to David Miller

Fresh Festival
Chiesnhale Dance Space
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