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  • Grunts For The Arts 1 - The High Heel 100m
  • Grunts For The Arts 2 - Hannah Durell's 20 by 2 metre relay
  • Grunts For The Arts 3 - Charlie Ryder's Celebrity Sack Racing
  • Grunts For The Arts 4 - Theron Schmidt's Conceptual Leap
  • Grunts For The Arts 5 - The Sports Day Doughnut Eating Contest
  • Grunts For The Arts 6 - Handbag Hurling
  • Grunts For The Arts 7 - Siobhan McAuley's Slow-mo Solo On the Spot Sprints
  • Grunts For The Arts 8 - The Fifteen Legged Race
  • Grunts For The Arts 9 - Charlie Ryder's Celebrity Sack Racing
  • Grunts For The Arts 10 - Artists' Sports Day
  • Grunts For The Arts 11 - Pamela Gilmore's Oddegg and Spoon Race
  • Grunts For The Arts 12 - Sarah Taylor's Human Hurdles
  • Grunts For The Arts 13 - Yugo Yoga with Olga Sokolska
  • Grunts For The Arts 14 - Artists' Sports Day
  • Grunts For The Arts 15 - Thomas Bacon's 400m Butoh
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Grunts for the Arts

In March 2007, following the 35% cut to the Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts scheme, the glorious entity that would later grow into Grunts for the Arts was conceived. Over the months that followed, GFA’s mission would diversify into a bold attempt to right wrongs wherever they were seen by attracting as much notice as the attention-seeking so and sos could garner along the way.

Artists’ Sports Day, Hackney Marshes, London. 26th May '07
Artists’ Sports Day 2: The Re-run, Burgess Park, London. 15th September '07
London 2008, Recfest, Butterfield Green, London. 5th July '08
The Great Track and Field Swindle, Cafe Gallery. 27th September '09
The Real Trident Replacement Challenge, If not then what, Chelsea College of Art & Design. 10th March '11.
London 2012 Closing Ceremony, Central London. 27th July '12.


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