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  • The Inconstancy Of Gaze 1
  • The Inconstancy Of Gaze 2
  • The Inconstancy Of Gaze 3
  • The Inconstancy Of Gaze 4
  • The Inconstancy Of Gaze 5
  • The Inconstancy Of Gaze 6
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  • Painting developed from performance of The Inconstancy of Gaze (2007)
    Stained bubble mix on cotton sheet. 91cm x 210cm.
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The Inconstancy of Gaze

The first fragment of The Inconstancy of Gaze was performed in Berlin, the second, third and fourth in London.

Performed consecutively, the last two (viewable in the documentation above) were presented, within the same event, to two distinctly separated audiences.

‘The Curse of Me’, The Truman Brewery, London, UK. December '07
‘Destination Area 10’, Area 10 Project Space, London, UK. June '07
The English Speaking Theatre, Berlin, Germany. June '07

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